Our Purpose

We wake up every day because we want to do the best tattoos in the world.
Yes, it’s an ambitious goal, but it’s all we care about. We are grateful for the many people who have allowed us to tell their stories with our art, on the best canvas in the world, the human body.



During one of my vacations I got my first tattoo, a piece of art, which would stay with me for rest of my life. After I came back to my old corporate life I did a little research on the art of tattooing and tattoo schools in India, after successfully finding the best place to learn and the best teacher, I took leave from my work permanently. That was my last day as an employee.

Meer Shabbir Ali


After many months of learning and practice, my mentor told me “You are good to go live on skin”. It was an accomplishment and a proud feeling, the same as any other would feel when they conquered a new challenge in their life. After my successful training I came back to my home town and started my own tattoo studio, the very first tattoo studio in Visakhapatnam, “OUCH” in 2009. Through time, with the help of good reviews from satisfied customers, we’ve journeyed from a little known studio in Vizag to now being the most reputable tattoo studio in the city.